Whole Foods Holiday Products That Should Be In Your Kitchen Right Now

Lucky for us, Whole Foods enjoys celebrating different holidays throughout the year and now the winter holidays have officially reached the grocery store. The Toronto Star reported that Whole Foods had transformed its food bar into a toy store. The Austin American-Statesman also wrote about how Whole Foods, Capital Metro and the Central Texas Food Bank are collaborating again to host its annual Stuff the Bus event. The food drive collects food to help those that are in need during the holidays.

The grocery chain also likes to give customers discounts all year long. In a Glamour piece listing secrets about Whole Foods, it noted the store celebrates one food holiday per month by offering great deals. Their Twitter account also reflects the seasonal changes with spotlighting recipes, deals or products that are perfect for the holiday. So to help make your life easier, we've scoped Whole Foods' approach to the holidays to find out how you could best bring the Whole Foods holiday experience to your kitchen.

Holiday Mini Rum Cake

The first delicious looking product is a type of cake. Specifically, the Holiday Mini Rum Cake for $5.99. With "special for the holidays" scrawled over a sprig of holly and, of course, also has the word "holiday" in the product's title. This classic dessert is perfect for, you guessed it, the holidays.

As Kevin Dunn commented during his wife Tami's review of the cake, it resembles a fruit cake more than what most people think of as a rum cake. This is because the spongy rum cake people sometimes imagine is a Puerto Rican rum cake, per Epicurious. According to Whole Foods' site, its version of the mini rum cake features dried cranberries, pecans, raisins and an apricot glaze. The one offered by the grocery store is similar to a Trinidad black cake, which Home Made Zagat describes as a dried fruit cake that is soaked in rum. Still, the review was broadly positive.


This year, Whole Foods has brought back its 12 Days of Cheese sale, according to Food & Wine. Through Dec. 23, Whole Foods will halve the price of a cheese product each day. The timing of these savings are perfectly suited to create an incredible holiday cheese board for family or friends. Similarly, Whole Foods has pushed its own suggestions for an "Epic Holiday Cheese Board." The list comes with a helpful link to Amazon Prime so that if its array of Saint Agur Blue Cheese, El Trigal 12-Month Manchego, and Dalmatia Organic Fig Spread should tempt you, you're able to purchase these decadent cheeses.

Holiday Meals

An extra level of holiday decadence is the Whole Foods Holiday Meal collections. From now until Dec. 18, you can pick up prepared Hanukkah meals and winter holiday ones until Dec. 31. Or, if you just want their mushroom gravy or truffle parmesan mashed potatoes, you can opt for a side instead. The meal's price ranges from $69.99 for a turkey breast centered meal and sides for four to $279.99 for a feast with two entrees, two desserts, and lots of sides intended to stuff twelve people. Everything must be ordered at least two days before the pickup.

Some may find the food overpriced or insist the holidays are about cooking for yourselves and your guests, but for those overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing for a holiday meal, Whole Foods has angled itself into your corner. That said, the service's best use is probably to supplement with sides that might be too much of a faff to cook.

Holiday Froth Bombs

When the work and celebration is over, which often go hand-in-hand, you deserve to take a long warm soak in the tub. For this, Whole Foods stocks four of the Pacha Soap Co.'s limited edition Christmas themed froth bombs. The "O' Christmas Tree" bombards you with the scent of fresh pine needles and the "Rudy Red" smells of fresh strawberry seed oil and relaxes you with Epsom salt. While "Frothy the Snowman" puts chamomile essential oil into the water with honey and Epsom salt, and the "Candy Cane Lane" bath bomb is peppermint themed. 

If the specifically Christmas ones aren't appealing, Pacha Soap Co. boasts a good number of other froth bombs for you to order directly. Now you're set with not only great products for yourself, but perfect holiday gifts too.