These Kettle-Cooked Chips Have Whole Foods Shoppers Laughing

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Oh, Whole Foods. Must everything at this store be so...fancy? Instead of Jimmy Dean links, the upscale grocer offers blueberry pancake-flavored sausage; instead of basic vanilla ice cream, Whole Foods sells Kale Pear & Banana (per Elite Daily). Perhaps the brand nicknamed "Whole Paycheck" took things a smidge too far, though, when it decided that a new flavor of potato chips from its 365 line were too special to be labeled "salt and vinegar." Instead, this Whole Foods product bears the name "Kettle Cooked Himalyan Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar Flavored Potato Chips" in an understated font. What do they taste like? "Tart and savory at the same time, these chips take snacking to new heights without making you move from your lawn chair," romanticizes the marketing copy on the back of the bag (per Whole Foods website). 

Customers, though, are falling out of their lawn chairs, laughing over the name of this product. The most giggles can be found on a Reddit thread called, "Let's think of even more bouji ways to name everyday items." As one Redditor remarked, "I can't wait for the phytoplankton salt & kombucha [flavored] chips."

People are loving these "bouji" Whole Food chips

Might these Whole Food chips actually do justice to their sophisticated name? Reviewers seem to think so, giving this upscale junk food a 4.3 out of five stars on Amazon. "Such an eccentric taste. I can't stop eating lol," noted one shopper. Even on the Reddit thread, shoppers had to admit that the combination of Himalayan sea salt with apple cider vinegar is a definite upgrade over the usual table salt and plain old red vinegar you find in most chips. "I actually love these chips," admitted a Redditor.

Just to be clear, though, you might not enjoy this snack if you're perfectly happy with a regular bag of salt and vinegar chips, because that apple cider vinegar is an acquired taste. "The vinegar flavor has a hint of sweetness to it. Honestly pairs well with a good italian hoagie better than regular S&V imo. Just can't eat more than a handful at once with em," commented one user.