Tricks Every SodaStream Owner Should Try At Least Once

So, you bit the bullet and finally gave into the SodaStream hype. Your days may be filled with sparkling waters and fruity seltzers galore, but your wallet is likely feeling a bit empty thanks to the hefty price tag that comes along with owning a SodaStream.

SodaStreams are relatively affordable to start out. According to Priceonomics, the gadget can cost anywhere from $80 to $200 depending on the model. The outlet calculated that customers using the mid-range version along with SodaStream-branded concentrates can make their own soda right at home for just $0.70 per liter, or their own sparkling water for a measly $0.28/liter.

Not bad, right? The SodaStream as it stands is practically a life hack in itself. You can save money and ditch the extra plastic all in one go. It's a no-brainer add-to-cart if you're any sort of carbonation connoisseur. But get this: You can make your own bubbly bevs at home for even cheaper if you try your hand at some of these little-known SodaStream tricks.

Go off-brand with your SodaStream accessories

A typical CO2 cartridge from SodaStream will last between one to two months. While the site offers a convenient exchange option for regular users, the $15.00 aluminum cartridge produces just 60L of sparkling water.

The Wall Street Journal reports that with a few brave beverage hacks, you can actually cut down that cost even more and produce a larger quantity of carbonated drinks. One customer, Michael House, suggests investing about $236 in a single 10 lb. cartridge that you can refill on your own. Wired also claims that the hack is surprisingly simple, writing that all the swap really takes is some basic "Ikea skills" and you're good to go.

If filling a CO2 canister sounds like a nightmare to you, then try cutting down your soda costs over time with a food-grade adaptor and paintball canisters (via SodaSherpa). Don't fret if you still feel intimidated: You can actually bring the cartridge straight to any sporting goods store and have them refill it for you! Dick's Sporting Goods even offers every fifth refill for free, should you purchase your tank from their store.

Craft some fruity cocktails with your SodaStream

Anyone who owns a SodaStream knows how it goes: You make some tasty seltzer here and there, maybe flavor yourself a nice cherry Coke, and then suddenly you're obsessed and want to make everything fizzy. So do it!

Think outside of the box when it comes to getting the most bang for your SodaStream buck. Sure, you can start out with the basic syrups that come in your starter kit, but don't limit yourself! SodaSherpa recommends trying everything from snow cone syrup to frozen juice concentrates to add some flavor to your fizzy drinks. Don't add the syrup directly to the machine, though, or you could damage your newfound prized possession. Instead, add a tablespoon directly into your carbonated water.

Don't forget that your SodaStream can make for a boozy bit of fun, too. Grab a pint of orange juice and pour it on in to get a great mimosa base going. Just be sure to pick an OJ with little to no pulp, and be extra cautious when releasing the pressure since the juice will carbonate more than the water you're used to (via CNET). You can even add some life back to a flat glass of beer!

Thrillist also suggests introducing some whiskey to your SodaStream for a refreshing glass of scotch, but skip the tequila, since the bubbles tend to take away from a good old fashioned margarita