This Enormous Red Velvet Cake From Costco Weighs 3 Pounds

Every once in a while, opportunity knocks in the form of a giant, red velvet cake. And this time, it's waiting for you at Costco. Instagram handle, @costco_empties spotted the three-pound Junior's cake in mid-December. Junior's, for those of you that haven't lived yet, is the Brooklyn-based restaurant with a cheesecake so divine that it inspires busy New Yorkers to form city-block-long lines (via Brooklyn Daily Eagle). So naturally, as soon as we saw Junior's red velvet layer cake on Costco's shelves, we've been planning a special occasion around eating it.

Three pounds might be the approximate weight of a bag of apples, your steam iron, or your stainless steel wok (at least according to Weight of Stuff), but when it comes in the form (as per Junior's description) of "layers of moist red velvet cake filled and decorated with cream cheese frosting," it's so much more than that. You can't just take Junior's red velvet layer cake home with you. You've got to seduce it. The cake deserves a candlelit dinner, your finest cutlery, and a playlist that starts with John Legend's "All of Me."

Customers are raving about Junior's Red Velvet Layer Cake

According to the Instagram costco_empties, Costco's Junior's Red Velvet Layer Cakes goes for just $12.99, which is practically free considering that if you order Junior's cheesecakes from its website, each cake will cost you over $40.00. If you can limit yourself to a slice at a time, one serving of the cake will cost you about 370 calories (via MyFitnessPal), which is, for the record, exactly what a grande caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks will do to your body.

But, if you don't trust us to tell you what to buy, trust Junior's customers. Yelp reviewers describe the restaurant's red velvet layer cake as "slightly dense with not too sweet frosting," moon over its "very rich cream cheese taste," and rhapsodize about its "super moist" body. Says a Twitter fan: "that cake just made love to my tongue." Eat Nosh Mom gushes, "the cream cheese icing on this bad boy was just right. Light, fluffy and delicious," concluding that even "if you're not into Red Velvet or Chocolate cake, I think that this will win you over."