Surprising Things You Didn't Know About The Feast Of Seven Fishes

As Christmas season approaches, festive traditions are coming back into focus. One example? For many Italian-Americans, the Feast of the Seven Fishes is a quintessential tradition, a meal that consists of seafood and has been celebrated for years (via Mental Floss.) It is believed that the Feast of the Seven Fishes first took off in Southern Italy where the population turned to affordable seafood for years thanks to its accessibility. 

Plus, it's worth noting that no one is certain about where the feast got its name. People do believe that there is some religious significance attached to the name because the number seven has many references in the Bible and in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. As per a piece by Spoon University, for some folks, seven basically refers to the days of the week, the seven sins, or the seven sacraments.

But what really makes this a noteworthy celebration is the dishes that are highlighted during the feast. This Christmas Eve tradition is full of scrumptious food items that are especially worth trying if you like seafood.

There are many different dishes to choose from during the Feast of the Seven Fishes

When it comes to the feast, the meal sure lives up to its name. According to Mental Floss, there are several options for you to pick from. For example, you could opt for 13 different menu items ranging from mussels, calamari, sardines, lobsters, capellini, and shrimp. Eel is also a popular food item for many who celebrate the feast. The best part is definitely the fact that things aren't rigid with the Feast of the Seven Fishes and you can choose to customize the seafood based on your personal preferences.

But if you're curious which options are often picked, as Spoon University highlights, you're looking at fish items like cod fish balls, baccala, fried smelts, and more. You can experiment with the dishes and combine different types of fish if you're looking for something new. Basically, you get together with your loved ones and have samples from each dish, making sure that you try a variety of options instead of limiting yourself to one or two items.