Here's Which Fast Food Restaurants Are Open On Christmas Day 2020

As the festivities get closer, you're probably coming up with a bunch of plans to celebrate. Perhaps you're preparing a fresh batch of eggnog or stockpiling delicious boxes of cookies and chocolates for the holidays. But in case you're not in the mood to cook this year, and are wondering where you can dine out on Christmas day, we've got you covered — especially if you're craving fast food from some of your favorite joints.

You'll be happy to hear that several big names in the fast food business plan to stay open on Christmas day, which means that you and your family (or roommates) can head to your preferred haunts without stressing over the details. Get out a notepad and make a list of the names you'll want to consider during the festive season for a big family meal or a solo dining sesh.

There are quite a few fast food restaurants open on Christmas

According to Delish, there are lots of fast food outlets and fast casual restaurants that are going to be open for business on Christmas day. One of the names to look out for is Boston Market. It's likely that you'll be able to sample Christmas special dishes while you're there. Del Taco outlets are going to be open as well, but it's a smart idea to call your local outlet and ask about hours before swinging by.

Denny's is a Christmas favorite and has been offering delicious food to its patrons on Christmas for eight years now. Many Denny's outlets are expected to stay open 24/7 this year on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. And hey, if you're craving pancakes for breakfast, you can head to several IHOP locations for a delicious meal, too. Their hours are expecting to be limited, though, so it's best to check before you go.

As reported by Country Living, there are a handful of other large chains that will have some locations open during the holiday, including Domino's, Legal Sea Foods, McDonald's Waffle House, Buca di Beppo, Panda Express, and more. Enjoy your holiday feast!