Read This Before You Buy Aldi's Festive New Travel Mugs

The rise of German discount chain Aldi from a strange, stripped-down outlier without basic amenities like in-store butchers to a grocery juggernaut even Walmart admires, is one of the great success stories of our time. Its accomplishment has been fueled by all sorts of tricks to make you spend more money, as well as cutting costs with its signature Spartan approach to selections — and, of course, its many, many store brands, plenty of which are better than the originals.

Of course, doing things your own way and with your own products can be something of a double-edged sword. While it's true that Aldi has no shortage of quality products, some of its fare has been bombarded with horrible reviews. With the holiday season here, some customers have pointed out that one particular seasonal product might run the risk of becoming such a product, thanks to one potentially dangerous feature. The product in question is the Crofton ornament sipper, a festive travel mug-style creation that's shaped like a Christmas ornament. Here's what you should know before buying one.

The seasonal sipper is made of glass and people are breaking them

In the comments of an Instagram post by theamazingaldi account, some users have noted that the ornament sipper has one significant user-related problem. The product includes a plastic twist-off cap and a red-and-white plastic straw, but the container itself is glass — and apparently, super easy to break. "They're glass so in my opinion they can def break," one user commented. "They're amazing tho."  

"They are glass and very breakable," another user chimed in her confirmation, complete with a crying emoji. A different Instagram user concurred, and noted that the product is definitely risky at the hands of children. "My son shattered mine. It's glass!" they wrote. Of course, other users point out that the product's frailty is not necessarily a dealbreaker, "Everything is breakable if you try hard enough," they wrote.  

To be fair, apart from the whole "breaks easily" thing, the seasonal sipper seems like a pretty nice deal. After all, the product is just about as festive as it gets and retails for a decent $3.99. Provided you're careful, that's plenty of season's greetings-themed bang for your buck.