Aldi Just Brought Back These Popular Flavored Salts

Anyone who enjoys cooking knows that adding salt to a dish means more flavor. But when you infuse your salt or add other flavors in with your salt, that just takes the flavor to a whole new level. That's why you definitely should want to swing by your local Aldi to pick up the popular flavored salts that have resurfaced yet again. According to Reddit, these flavored salts popped up a year ago, but they're back on shelves now.

The specially selected flavored salts at Aldi were spotted by the Instagram user Aldi Favorite Finds on Dec. 16, 2020. The user snapped a photo right inside their local Aldi store and posted it to the social media app. Within a day, the news has already received more than 2,900 likes. The reemerged flavored salts have certainly captured everyone's attention. Best of all, the post's caption announced that the salt comes in not one, but three flavors: violet, thyme lemon, and smoked chili.

Here's what you need to know about Aldi's flavored salts

Each of Aldi's tall salt grinders is filled with coarse salt and the additional flavorings to be ground over any dish you want. The bottles are typically between 2.65-5.64 ounces and cost $3.49 each, making them quite a deal. Thanks to their low price, you can definitely pick up one — or even one of each — to give the flavors a try. One commenter on the Instagram post said that they had already picked up one of the thyme lemon salt.

A year ago when the violet salt was posted to Reddit, user Runamokamok said, "no idea what to do with violet sea salt, but it was too fancy not to buy." It seems everyone wants to give these decadent salts a taste, and they would be good on so many things. From sweet and salty dessert for the violet one, and roasted chicken for the thyme lemon salt, to smokey chili salt on popcorn, the options are endless. So, visit your local Aldi and pick up your favorite today.