You've Been Storing Your Eggnog All Wrong

December wouldn't be the same without some delicious eggnog. This festive, egg-based drink goes way back, according to The Spruce Eats, citing that a version of the drink can be traced as far back as the 13th century to British medieval monks who were known to consume a drink called posset (which was a warm ale punch with eggs and figs).

Like many things in life, the drink has evolved and in the 17th century sherry became one of its primary ingredients. The Spruce Eats adds that upon reaching the New World, colonists added Caribbean rum because it was cheaper than the booze coming from England. George Washington even had his own recipe for it, specifically stating that it should be stored in a cool place. Nowadays, it's known that drinks like eggnog need to be kept refrigerated, but is there a better way of storing it that will make it last a bit longer? Eat By Date thinks so.

Storing eggnog properly can help it last for much longer

Eggnog is a drink that doesn't last very long normally. Eat By Date explains that an opened container of eggnog can last about five full days in the fridge once opened. But, an unopened container of this holiday beverage (that's normally sold from Thanksgiving to New Years) can last almost four to five months (although there probably aren't many people who'd want to have eggnog in May or April). So, what's the special trick to making eggnog last a few more days once it's opened? Eat By Date explains that it all comes down to fridge real estate. 

The report cites that when storing eggnog, it is best to keep it on a shelf toward the back of the fridge. This ensures that the eggnog receives the least amount of light and heat as possible. Another reason why setting it in this spot is so beneficial is because placing it closer to the door would allow for the eggnog's temperature to fluctuate. Each time the door is opened, the temperature flux would affect the eggnog, Eat By Date explains. 

One thing that is not recommended when it comes to storing eggnog? Freezing it. According to the report, freezing it would change the creamy consistency. So now you know how to keep the drink that fills everyone with memories of pure and unadulterated holiday cheer around for a bit longer.