Walmart Vs. Sam's Club: Which Has Better Rotisserie Chicken?

As far as grocery chains are concerned, loads of options are available for customers to choose from, such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Aldi, Trader Joe's, Costco and more. When it comes to items like meat, though, certain places give you a better bang for your buck compared to other options. For example, as illustrated by Eat This, Not That!, the best rotisserie chicken that you can find is at Costco.

Why? For one, it delivers well in terms of the meat's flavor and overall juiciness. Plus, it gives you bigger sized options at affordable prices and doesn't disappoint in terms of spices or quality. Hold up — what about the rotisserie chicken from other store options, though? For example, if you simply had to buy your chicken from either Walmart or Sam's Club, where should you be going? Turns out, there is an easy answer to this question.

Here's what you should keep in mind the next time you're out shopping for meat.

Walmart's rotisserie chicken doesn't quite live up to customers' expectations

Well, if you really get down to it, you'll get the better chicken rotisserie at Sam's Club. As pointed out by Eat This, Not That!, Sam's Club has delicious chicken rotisserie options that are bigger than the ones that you get at Walmart. Plus, they do not disappoint in terms of flavor and offer bigger portions at the same price point as Walmart.

And what's the deal with the chicken from Walmart? For one, it simply doesn't live up to expectations. The chicken supposedly lacks solid flavors. A Reddit user wrote that they're put off by the rotisserie chicken at Walmart and aren't a fan of the texture. They wrote, "I don't like the texture, it doesn't even look like chicken in my eyes."

In a separate thread, a Redditor wrote about how they believe that the rotisserie chicken at Sam's Club offers great value. They wrote, "The $5 rotisserie chicken is the best value in the club. The produce, meat, [and] deli are restaurant quality, as they service both personal and business needs." So there you have it, the people have spoken!