This Orange Juice Has Costco Shoppers Divided

Americans love their orange juice — according to Statista, the average person drank 2.5 gallons of the juice alone over the course of 2018 to 2019. While we love a good glass of OJ, not every glass of juice is created equal, and this disparity has Costco fans divided on an orange juice that recently hit social media.

Instagram account @costcodeals, recently posted a picture of a large bottle of Langers orange juice with the caption "This @langersjuice Orange Juice 2-pack is perfect for your morning brunch with your family or an even better mixer for your mimosas! On sale now for $7.49 until 12/24!" While the post has accumulated almost 2,000 likes, not everyone feels the same level of excitement for the orange juice. 

Some comments to the post lit up with delight with responses like "steal for Christmas brunch!" and "Best juice!" But others weren't so excited. A range of comments didn't take kindly to the juice's sugar content, including gems like, "A great way to get started on diabetes... all that juice is basically 90% sugar, flavoring, and coloring," and "I thought this orange juice was quite gross tasting, unfortunately."

This juice from Costco isn't the healthiest way to start your morning

While we love a glass of orange juice with our morning toast and eggs, many have some choice words for the Langers orange juice in @costcodeals' Instagram post due to the beverage's high sugar content. The FDA recommends that no one should consume over 50 grams of sugar in a day, and according to Instacart, the juice contains 26 grams of sugar. While this amount of sugar still doesn't compare to drinking a soda like Pepsi with breakfast, consuming half your day's worth of sugar first thing in the morning still seems like a bad idea (via Pepsi).

When you need to get ready for the day, nothing compares to a cup of fresh-squeezed juice. But if you haven't tried Langers orange juice yet, pick up a two-pack and see where you fall in the debate. If the ingredients don't excite you, the $7.49 price tag for two bottles can help motivate you to make a Costco expedition before the deal runs out on Dec. 24, according to @costcodeal. Grab the juice while you can — it's anyone's guess how long it'll last on shelves!