The McDonald's Burger That Over 30% Of People Think Is The Best

Choosing the best burger from a fast food outlet like McDonald's is no easy task. After all, you need to consider several delicious and promising options from the restaurant's menu, such as the Big Tasty, the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, the McChicken, Chicken Mayo, Cheeseburger, and more. Phew. Well, when you're sifting through so many yummy choices, how do you zero down on something that works well for almost everyone and is universally loved, no matter what their preferences are like? 

We figured that we'd ask participants in a survey to let us in on their top choices as far as McDonald's is concerned, particularly when it comes to its impressive range of hamburgers. As shown by the numbers, one particular burger managed to outdo the rest of its peers and won a lot of support from the respondents, winning by a large margin. Intrigued? Read on for all the answers.

McDonald's Big Mac was the clear winner, according to the survey

In a Mashed survey that looked at 656 respondents, the top spot for the most popular hamburger went to none other than the Big Mac at McDonald's. Around 29.57 percent of the participants chose this classic menu option over other choices. The Quarter Pounder came next with 16.01 percent of the respondents opting for this delectable burger, followed by a close contest between the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon (both tied at 14.02 percent). Wondering what the other options were?

Well, they included the McDouble, the Double Cheeseburger and more basic options like McDonald's cheeseburger and hamburger. As per Reader's Digest, the Big Mac was first introduced in August 1968 and was considered to be one of the top selling food items of all time at the restaurant coupled with its crispy french fries, so it's really no surprise this burger took the lead. In fact, the Big Mac is so legendary that there is an actual Big Mac museum that has been built in its honor in Pennsylvania — talk about dedication!