The Internet Is Divided On KFC's Gaming Console. Here's Why

The human species has yet to fix a global pandemic, apparently, but has somehow managed to birth a gaming console that doubles as a fried chicken warmer. So there's that. And yes, you read correctly: in the latest fast food marketing stunt gone rogue, KFC has managed to create an Intel-run, bucket-shaped gaming console with its own built-in "chicken chamber." So far, by all accounts, the KFConsole seems legit (via Screenrant, the Gamer, and Tom's Hardware). Many fans initially dismissed it as a joke from KFC's Gaming division to poke fun at the competition between other next-gen gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, back when the chicken giant first announced the KFConsole in June

But a new ad and tweet declaring the console wars "over" and a confirmation from Mark Walton, a PR rep from Intel, has the internet believing, but fiercely divided over the chicken element, which actually collects heat from the system to warm the chicken (via Twitter and Cooler Master). The console actually seems competitive, with "stunning 4k, 240fps," VR compatibility, and yes — a literal heated compartment to put your chicken into while you game. That's where the differences of opinion come in.

KFConsole really warms chicken

If you're anything like us, you're at least intrigued by a device that can keep chicken hot while keeping the rest of its electronic insides cool. Users @hackerfantastic tweeted, "I really hope it's satire, the idea of heating chicken on a GPU makes me feel queasy." Another, @sirstubbyy, wrote "Jesus. Imagine actually using the chicken part then having to clean that bs. Like come on this is making pc games look so lazy lol." Others were more enthusiastic, like @truckersfm: "WE WANT IT. WE WANT IT. WE WANT IT. WE WANT IT. WE WANT IT. WE WANT IT." User @_carolfsan tweeted, "I'm still not sure it is for real or what this actually is BUT I WANT IT." 

Though it may have initially started as satire, the KFC Gaming team actually did team up with computer hardware company Cooler Master to make the dream a reality. "The feedback from the KFC fans was too great not to make the console come to life," one PR representative from Cooler Master told the tech site Tom's Hardware. "We met up with the team and exchanged some ideas and went on from there really." But does the world really need a tiny oven inside their gaming system? Only time will tell. Until then, we'll just be crying a little.