This Is The Best Way To Make Super Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

Whether you have to face a crowd for the holidays or need to whip up a huge side dish that could serve an army, mashed potatoes always do the trick. Anyone can easily dish out massive portions of this side and it will most likely please anyone with an appetite. According to Parade, a group of six can feast like royalty on the mashed potatoes made from a regular five-pound sack of potatoes. While gathering the ingredients proves easy, really perfecting your mashed potatoes lies in how fluffy you can make them. 

For the lightest, fluffiest mashed potatoes you have ever eaten, you need to mash them with uniformity in mind. The Takeout explains that the best way to accomplish this feat lies in using a food mill or potato ricer to grind your cooked potatoes and incrementally adding your liquid of choice to create the perfect, even texture all the way through. To really guarantee you end up with a light potato, make sure your spuds have been skinned, wash away any excess starch with cold water, and cube them before you boil them (via The Takeout). To really master your mashed potato-making process, you can even refine your choice of potatoes, boiling techniques, and more.

Uniformity creates the lightest mashed potatoes

Creating the perfect mashed potatoes takes some time and practice, but after you make them a few times, you can see what works for you. According to Gimme Some Oven, using a mixture of Yukon gold potatoes and russet potatoes can give your mash a textural edge that you'll swear by for years to come. It's also important to make sure you don't over boil your taters once they hit the water and to take as much boiled water off of them as possible when they finish cooking to guarantee the best result (via Gimme Some Oven).

Once you're at the mashing stage, things seem like they'd be pretty straightforward, but truly perfecting the side takes some time. With enough practice, anyone can make mashed potatoes that can please even the pickiest eater. Once you use a food mill or potato ricer, you can really take your potatoes to the next level and ensure a smooth texture that can earn you the envy of anyone who tries this accompaniment. Next time you need to cook for a crowd or whip up a side dish for your family, try out this technique to make your potatoes truly shine!