Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Chocolaty Almonds

Kirkland Signature's cocoa dusted almonds have been absent from nearly all Costco locations for a while, which is a disappointment for many Costco shoppers who like a snack with a touch of chocolate flavor, but find the sweetness in the regular milk chocolate covered almonds overwhelming. However, it seems Costco has heard what the people want and responded accordingly. To the delight of many Costco shoppers, the supermarket chain has recently returned the popular snack to some store locations.

The popular Instagram account @costcobuys were pleased to announce the exciting find on its Instagram page, posting: "It's been a long time since I've seen Kirkland cocoa dusted almonds at Costco! I like these better than their chocolate covered almonds, do you?"

It seems many of their followers agreed, like user @nergiz_b32, who posted, "Omg they are back???? They discontinued it in CT!!" User @_kalimatthews_ exclaimed, "IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THESE TO COME BACK FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS they are they best!!"

"OMG NEED! I absolutely love their chocolate covered almonds so I feel like I would love these too!" @walmartgems posted. The cocoa dusted almonds are a little less sweet than the brand's milk chocolate covered almonds, but still have just enough chocolaty goodness to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Costco's almonds are a steal compared to other brands

The fresh almonds, with only 4 grams of sugar, 6 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fiber per serving, are also a healthy snack, which is a big plus for Instagram user @traderjoesobsessed, who remarked "I need these too!! I feel it would have good macros." Instagram user @missyelaine123 even added a hack to make the snacking experience even better, advising others to "enjoy them from the freezer ! U will love the different taste of the cocoa dust."

Costco shoppers can purchase a 29.6 ounce tub of the almonds for just $11.99. A price some social media users noted is a steal compared to other stores. "I never saw these at my Costco, must be a new item.... Whole Foods sells these for 22 bucks a pound," user @doggiesrule1969 noted. Hopefully with such a positive online reaction, these popular chocolaty almonds will return to all Costco locations soon.