Trader Joe's Fans Are Psyched For This New Almond Butter Puffs Cereal

Most Trader Joe's fans are probably already familiar with the brand's many tasty and healthy cereal offerings. But now Trader Joe's customers and cereal aficionados have something new to celebrate. Trader Joe's has just released its new crunchy Almond Butter Puffs cereal, which has everyone on social media talking.

The popular Instagram account traderjoeslist, made a post expressing their excitement over the puffs writing: "I can not wait to get my hands and tastebuds on this cereal. If you've been following me for a minute, you probably know I'm a cereal fan. It's a convenient meal for anytime of day. The ingredients in this look perfect, it's not low carb but has a balance of fat/carbs/protein."

The puffs are made up of rice and quinoa and then coated with almond butter and dusted with a hint of powdered sugar and cocoa powder. The cereal looks like it packs a lot of crunch and a bit of sweetness in every spoonful. One Instagram user wrote on the post, "Yummy trader Joe's cereals are soooooooo goood," while another added, "Ohhhhh these look amazing!!! My toddler will love these too." Another Instagram user commented, "Just got a box. Can't wait to try it. But afraid once I open it, I won't stop." 

Trader Joe's Almond Butter Puffs cereal is both peanut and gluten free

According to traderjoeslist's Instagram post that showed the ingredients in a second photo, the new cereal also doesn't contain peanuts. One Instagram user celebrated this fact, writing, "I'm a huge cereal fan! This looks great! And it looks like even my food allergy child can eat it too." Another amazing part of this breakfast item? The cereal is not only peanut free, but it is gluten free as well. 

Many people who avoid eating gluten were pleased to discover another great tasting breakfast option at Trader Joe's. A fan of the new item commented, "Yes! Gluten free!" Another Instagram user added, that Trader Joe's had "already made breakfast for 2021 a little brighter." The crunchy almost butter puffs can be purchased for just $3.49, so make sure to take a stroll down the cereal aisle the next time you're in your local Trader Joe's.