This Keto-Friendly Cereal At Costco Is Turning Heads

The keto diet is one of the most popular diets in America, despite experts ranking it as one of the worst diets to follow, according to U.S. News & World Report. Seen as a quick way to drop the pounds by focusing on fat and protein and ditching carbs, Americans have been flocking to a modified version of the traditional keto diet for years.

The first ketogenic diet was designed to help children with epilepsy and was much more difficult to follow, prescribing a diet containing more than 90% fat in order to reach ketosis. Today's keto diet delivers a "nutritional ketosis" that can help dieters lose weight, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

In a recent poll of 300 keto dieters, conducted by America's Test Kitchen, self-control was named as the biggest challenge in the keto diet, with the number one temptation named being bread and similar carbs (via U.S. News & World Report). It's for this reason, that manufacturers have created products to feed keto dieter cravings. One of the more popular keto offerings has been cereal, and lately, it's keto-friendly Catalina Crunch cereal, which many have been tracking down at Costco.

Why keto dieters love Catalina Crunch cereal

The ketogenic diet market clocked in at $10 billion in 2019, and is forecast to reach $15 billion by 2025 (via The Insight Partners). A year after Catalina Crunch's launch, the company was already selling $1 million worth of cereal per month via its website, according to Food Navigator-USA. That's when Catalina Crunch founder and CEO Krishna Kaliannan took the cereal to retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and now Costco (via Catalina Crunch store locator).

Available in eight flavors — including Cinnamon Toast, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Fruity, and Honey Graham — Catalina Crunch cereals are keto-friendly, vegan, gluten- and grain-free, low sugar, and made with plant protein. Not only are the Catalina Crunch cereals tasty when combined with plant milks, but they also work as a stand-alone snack or to top recipes such as smoothies. Finally, some needed crunch for the keto cereal lovers out there!