Sam's Club Shoppers Are Raving About These Affordable Cake Balls

Rich, chocolatey, and delicious, cake balls are a fun, crowd-pleasing dessert for all ages. However, they can be tricky and time-consuming to make by hand, and purchasing them pre-made is often pricey. But this winter, Sam's Club has you covered. Per Delish, Sam's Club shoppers can purchase a 24 count box of chocolate-covered red velvet cake balls for under $20. The container holds a mix of red velvet and chocolate-dipped confections, each drizzled with chocolate or decorated with wintry sprinkles. While the festive-looking boxes would fit right in at a holiday gathering, such as a New Year's Eve get-together – and the two dozen balls are sure to be enough to satisfy a hungry crowd – the price is so low that shoppers don't have to feel guilty purchasing a box just for themselves to enjoy at home. 

Instagram account @samsclubmembers announced the find, posting: "4ct Holiday Cake Balls (Chocolate/Red Velvet) $16.98...That's about $0.70 per cake ball. My daughter thinks cake pops are the most amazing things created. After seeing this, I don't even want to calculate the amount of money I've spent on Starbucks Cake Pops. Granted, I don't need 24 of them but if they sold them in...lets say...a pack of 6? Or 8? Shooottt I would buy a pack every week! Anyway....Xmas party, family gathering, etc these would be perfect! All about portion control (as long as you don't eat 8 of them in one sitting, you're good)."

A box of Sam's Club cake balls sells for just $16.98

While 24 cake balls may be a lot for a single household, many Instagram followers had solutions to keep the extras fresh and delicious until they are ready to be enjoyed. "You can ask for a package frozen then portion and store in the freezer," user suggested.

Many followers couldn't stop raving about the Sam's Club price compared to other stores. "I thought the same thing about Starbucks cake pops! So pricey we pay vs this," @paigeengland4 said. Instagram user __laura_no_esta__ followed up by posting: "This is awesome. Just paid $20 for a dozen." And with a Starbucks cake pop going for around $2 per pop (via Fast Food Menu Prices), it's no surprise that customers were delighted with the discounted price.

And for some followers, especially those planning to share with friends or colleagues, the large quantity just makes it an even better deal. User @brianajasmin.e posted: "Just bought two bc as much I love making them myself sometimes it gets frustrating when trying to make it somewhat pretty. My coworkers won't know." For people who are over the hassle of baking, but still want to spread some final holiday cheer to their loved ones, these cake balls are a perfect choice.

With a price that can't be beat at just $16.98 and plenty of ways to store or share these tasty treats, there's virtually no reason not to pick up a box the next time you're wandering through the bakery department of your local Sam's Club.