This Is Carla Hall's Biggest Pet Peeve When It Comes To Cooking

Celebrity chef Carla Hall captivated all of us when she catapulted into our living rooms as the talented yet quirky Top Chef contestant that was always smiling. Known for her sunny disposition in addition to her skills in the kitchen, Carla believes that food connects us all (via Carla Hall). You might call her an ambassador of sweet since Hall is not only highly active in charity work but is also the host of 2020 shows Crazy Delicious (Netflix) and BakeAway Camp (Food Network).

With so much sweetness and sunshine, you wouldn't think much gets on Carla Hall's nerves — but that's not true — she has multiple pet peeves!

One of the things that can drive Chef Carla crazy dates back to her Top Chef days. In 2009, she described her biggest pet peeve involving working with other kitchen crew. Says Hall of this annoyance, "Perfume. Somebody wearing perfume or wearing fingernail polish. Perfume is a big one because with having other scents, you can't smell the food. And sometimes not tasting the food before it goes out," (via The Hill).

But Hall wouldn't be a great judge if she didn't have a few more strong opinions.

Chef Carla has a few pet peeves in the kitchen

Carla Hall dislikes the unrealistic expectations that can be set by television, which pressures chefs into perfection. In 2011, Hall discussed her catering experience and how things didn't always go according to plan. The chef has a pet peeve with television because it makes viewers believe things go perfectly far more often than they do in the average kitchen, and most kitchens can't afford to waste product and start over again (via The Washington Post). Says Hall, "You can't afford to throw something away because that's your profit. So you have to fix it."

When it comes to Hall's biggest pet peeve about food itself, her tastes may share a popular opinion — put down the truffle oil, and the bacon, too (via Pop Sugar).

Wait!? Did Chef Carla Hall just say she doesn't like bacon or truffles? In fact, no she didn't. Hall remarked that people often overuse these ingredients. In a 2017 interview, she shared her new biggest annoyance: "My biggest cooking pet peeve is when people think to add bacon to everything, to add truffles to everything. To add some of these things that they think are going to elevate their food when, in fact, it's about the technique. When people don't taste or when they're not connected to their food."

For a chef that's all about connection to food, it's clear that the biggest way to get on Carla Hall's bad side is to ignore the food experience itself.