What Great British Bake Off Winner Edd Kimber Is Up To Now

Immensely talented chef and baker, Edd Kimber proved his mettle when he won the first season of the Great British Bake Off (via Olive). The chef has been fairly active in the industry post his win, writing several cookbooks and pursuing his passion for baking like nobody's business. As per his official blog, he was raised in a home where baking was one thing everyone was quite familiar with. 

In fact, Kimber remembers where his love for baking began — the first time he helped his mother prepare mince pies. He was fascinated by the process and couldn't help but explore it further. That said, Kimber did try to explore the corporate world by focusing on politics when he was studying in university. After that, he gave the Great British Bake Off a shot and everything changed for the baker.

Here's what he is up to these days.

Edd Kimber is active on social and shares his baking creations

Post his win, Kimber has been quite busy to say the least. As per iNews, Kimber who was earlier a debt collector, quit his gig post winning Great British Bake Off and wrote several cookbooks. Some of the titles worth looking out for include Say It With Cake, The Boy Who Bakes, Patisserie Made Simple, and One Tin Bakes. He was also a part of The Alan Titchmarsh Show where he worked as the in-house baker.

Besides that, Kimber has keeping himself occupied by writing on different websites including BBC Good Food, Delicious, and Waitrose Kitchen. He also has his popular blog, The Boy Who Bakes and is super active on social media platforms like Instagram, where he shares photos of his yummiest dishes. One of his most recent posts included an irresistible photo of classic Linzer cookies coupled with a link to his recipe. Hard to say not follow his adventures when he shares recipes like that!