Make Sure To Do This When Cleaning An Electric Stove

Consider this: you're given the choice to clean one type of stove in exchange for your life. Which do you choose? Chances are, it wouldn't be a perpetually greasy raised gas stove with its burners, burner caps and grates. If you chose the electric stove's flat surface elements, you might not be alone — but there are still some things to know before you embark on a magical stove-cleaning journey.

Electric stoves aren't hard to clean if you know the basics. An electric coil plugs into the source of power within and rests on top of a drip plate, which you can also clean (via America Home Shield). And according to Apartment Therapy, you need to make sure to complete one step before cleaning your electric coils, especially if there are caked bits of burned on food. Simply turning the heat up all the way to burn off the grime won't be enough. You should start by making sure to turn your electric stove off. Simple enough. 

Don't skip this step when cleaning your electric stove

Here's the key to cleaning your electric stove: you actually need to remove the entire coil to clean it properly and it's not as hard as it seems. Apartment Therapy says most come off with a gentle lift and tug to unplug them. Then, you're ready for the cleaning treatment. Use a cloth and some soap and water to wipe down the burner coil, making sure to avoid the electrical connection. If you rinse the burner, make sure the water doesn't hit that area, either.

If there is still stubborn food stuck on after you're done, there's another kitchen cleaning weapon at your disposal: baking soda. Add a little water to baking soda to form a paste, then let it sit for 20 minutes (via Apartment Therapy). The baking soda will serve to loosen the grime, by breaking down grease, according to the Spruce, and then you'll have an easier time scrubbing it off. Once the coils are clean, wash off any other parts of the stove as needed while you let them dry completely. One they're totally dry, it's time to reconnect them and get cooking on your sparkling clean stove-top!