The Restaurant That Over 30% Of People Think Has The Worst Chicken Nuggets

In early December, we asked who had the worst chicken nuggets. Responses totaled 656. Of those, 42, or 6.4 percent, chose Other, offering responses along the lines of "I don't know," "I like all of them," or "I don't eat chicken nuggets."

Of the named options, Chick-fil-A came out the best, boasting that only 30 people considered their chicken nuggets the worst on offer. This represented 4.57 percent of the response pool. Popeyes, KFC, and Wendy's fared worse, with 62 votes, 67 votes, and 75 votes in that order, equaling unhealthy percentages of 9.45, 10.21, and 11.43, respectively.

The worst chicken nugget, however, proved a close competition between Burger King and McDonald's, both of which were considered far, far worse than any of the competition listed above. With just a 20 vote difference, Burger King takes the title with 200 votes, a whopping 30.49 percent of the poll. McDonald's will just have to console itself with the fact that it drew second, with only 180 votes — 27.44 percent.

King of cheapskates

A common comment on Burger King's chicken nuggets is that while they're awful, usually dwelling at the bottom of chicken nugget rankings, they were once actually delicious. "I literally inhaled these nuggets as a child AND I LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHY," Christian Zamora screamed in a Buzzfeed ranking. Claire de Louraille, the article's co-writer, concurs: "The shape was 'blah' and the nuggets were surprisingly small compared to all the other nuggets. I remember them being tastier when I was younger too? [What] happened BK?" The topic of the nugget's decline has cropped up on Reddit a few times over the years as well.

The difference, perhaps, resides between their chicken nuggets and chicken tenders, the breaded meat masses that were offered before the nuggets' debut in 2013, according to The Chicago Tribune. It was these tenders that So Yummy included on a list of discontinued Burger King items that they would like reinstated. That said, a 2011 GrubGrade review and its commenters were distinctly not impressed by Burger King's breaded chicken tenders.

In the end, it seems that Burger King has simply always offered below-mediocre chicken nuggets, but our memories of them have been clouded by nostalgia.