The Giant Big Macs McDonald's Japan Brought Back For New Year's

As if we needed any more of a reason to celebrate the first days of 2021, McDonald's Japan is bringing back a couple of must-have classics. From Jan. 6 to Jan. 19, those lucky enough to visit a McDonald's in Japan will be able to indulge in its iconic Grand and Giga Big Mac burgers, according to Japan Today.

McDonald's Japan might be on your radar (as it is on Grub Street's) for its unavoidably enticing chocolate fries, but these giant-sized hamburgers deserve a bit of your attention. The chain's Grand Big Mac promises 1.3 times larger patties than a Big Mac, while its Giga Big Mac is an astounding 2.8 times the size of the original, and features four large hamburger patties. When the fast-food chain released the phenomenon burgers in 2016, it did so while advertising them to diners looking for "a satisfied sense of accomplishment" (via Sora News 24). Upon their arrival, many fans took to Twitter saying things like, "Also gotta try this Giga Big Mac. For science." And we happen to agree.

What's it like to eat a Giga Mac at McDonald's Japan?

As far as we can tell (unless something is different with this year's re-release), the only thing truly extraordinary about McDonald's Japan's Grand and Giga Big Mac burgers is their size. Other than that, at least back in 2016, Time reported that, much like in the U.S., Japan's giant-sized burgers were loaded with cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, "and a sauce made out of mustard and sweet relish." Back then, a spokesperson for McDonald's told Time, that its Giga Big Mac was "a novelty item ... meant to be shared." To which we would politely answer: you can share yours, if you must.  

If this year's Grand and Giga Big Mac are like previous years, you'll likely be able to order your giant-sized burgers with giant-sized drinks and fries. One Reddit user, who has presumably indulged in a Giga Big Mac before, recommended ordering it with "the mega potato!" Another confirmed what we suspected all along: "tastes the same but it is huge!!"