This Matcha Powder At Costco Is A Total Steal

We know that matcha, the green tea powder that originated in Japan and has now become popular around the world, is basically a super drink. Its combination of caffeine and L-theanine yields the perfect balance of calm focus and energy. Unfortunately, this powerful powder can be prohibitively expensive, making it more of a special treat than a daily drink for most of us (via Food & Wine). Now however, thanks to Costco, there's a more affordable option for all you matcha lovers. 

Bargain-spotting Instagrammer Costco Deals found a 12-ounce pack of matcha powder for a very reasonable price on Costco's shelves. "What a great price for this #organic #matcha green tea powder by @senchanaturals!" the page posted. "Found at the Tukwila, Wa warehouse for $19.99!" A typical serving of matcha is about half a teaspoon, which is equivalent to around one gram of powder (via Breakaway Matcha), so this 340-gram bag comes out to just six cents a serving, a shockingly good deal.

This matcha comes with an unbeatable price at Costco

Still not convinced that $19.99 is a great deal when you can get a box of tea bags for just a few dollars? Then check this out — the same matcha powder costs three times as much on the Sencha Naturals company website, where just a 4-ounce bag costs $19.95. Plus, according to Food & Wine, matcha powder is usually $15 to $25 for around 1-1/2 ounces, which is roughly eight times as expensive per ounce as this Costco bag. Basically, you're probably not going to find any matcha more affordable than this — it's an amazing bargain. 

Granted, it's worth keeping in mind that, to a certain extent, you get what you pay for. There are two kinds of matcha, ceremonial grade and ingredient grade (via Aiya America). Cheaper matcha is likely to be ingredient grade, and it's going to have a more bitter, harsher taste than the premium stuff. Unfortunately, there are no across-the-board standards in the U.S. requiring sellers to indicate which kind of matcha you're getting. So while no, this probably won't be the single best cup of matcha you could ever have, you'll still be getting some of the matcha experience, and you can't beat the Costco price.