The Truth About Food Network's Cakealikes

Food Network's new show, Cakealikes is a unique take on baking competitions. According to a press release, the show will be available beginning Jan. 4 on Discovery+, and challenges aspiring bakers to come up with delectable cakes. There's a twist, though. The participants are expected to make cakes that look like well-known celebrities. Yes, you read that correctly. This isn't a simple battle, to say the least.

Experienced bakers on the show are coming up with 'life-sized cake replicas' of the celebrities we know and love. Celebrity chef Tregaye Fraser is acting as a judge on the show and is accompanied by cake artist Natalie Sideserf, food commentator Kalen Allen, and several guest judges who have the tough task of figuring out which cake hits the mark. Exciting, right? 

Things will no doubt get more interesting with each episode, and if you're excited about what's to come, read on for the full lowdown on a show that promises to be a delicious treat for all dessert fans.

Crafting cakes to look like celebs isn't easy

Contestants know they have to navigate tough challenges, such as designing a cake in honor of pop star Lady Gaga. They're encouraged to think out of the box and come up with impressive fitting tributes to each celeb they're assigned. In the case of Gaga, the creators are required to nod at the musician's most iconic moments during her career, such as the meat dress she work to the MTV VMAs in 2010 (via Billboard).

Another celebrity that the participants will be working on? Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, of course! Contestants will recreate everything from her well-known spandex dresses to her impressive pregnancy looks. According to Discovery+'s press release, this proves to be a difficult task due to Kardashian's hourglass figure and the unpredictable nature of cake. With plenty of obstacles in the way, the show is sure to be filled with lots of tension, creativity, and life-like cakes.

All the hard work the cake artists are subject to is worth it, though. The winning team will be rewarded with $10,000 coupled with an interesting celebrity souvenir. Making plans to marathon-watch the first season yet?