People Can't Stop Talking About This Hilarious Air Fryer 'Experiment'

All of us have dreams of having our new years begin with a sizzle, a pop, and a bang. But few of us would expect, nay dare, to even hope that thanks to one brave move to go forth and venture where no one has cared to go before, New Year's Day 2021 would be the day we would get to find the answer to a burning question none of us thought to ask. 

In a Twitter chain that's triggered nearly a quarter of a million likes, user @KLobstar decided to mark the beginning of 2021 by announcing to no one in particular that he was "gonna air fry a hotdog for 120 minutes and see what happens" but not to worry- this would be done safely because he knew it needed to be done in intervals." Suffice it to say it didn't take too long before our intrepid hot dog fryer returned to report that his experiment was triggering discomfort among fellow residents, tweeting, "my wife is not happy."

A more timid soul might have cracked, but nevertheless, he persisted.

The experiment carried on until the end

At the 30 minute mark, the Twitter user returned to social media to report that the hapless hot dog would be "extracted and examined" and the result of that ocular and olfactory examination indicated what some of us could have told him just by looking at his tweet:  that the hotdog was more malodorous than it actually looked. It was close to an hour in when the user said his wife and son exited their home, and he decided it could be a good idea to open the kitchen window and give the hot dog a break from the heat because why not.

And also because hindsight is 20/20, it took 90 minutes involving a buildup of putrid smells that our brave (likely also bored) user belatedly thought: "I think about the mistakes I've made, specifically not doing this outside, where it almost surely would not smell as though someone had placed a pig into a heated car for 8-10 weeks."

We are happy to report that he did make it to 120 minutes, but with dire consequences: the hot dog ended up mummified, in his words "looked like s**t" and after 6 hours after the experiment had passed, the user reported his house still had the faint aroma of "eau d' hot-dog".

The hot dog experiment took Twitter by storm

Suffice it to say, dear reader, that those that followed the intrepid would-be scientist on his voyage of discovery had a few insights they hoped he would see and take on board. One user remarked: "Okay but for true science you need an hypothesis before you do the test. This likely would have been related either to the durability of the hot dog or your marriage. Both would be valid areas of inquiry." Another user pointed out: "If you're looking for hot dog jerky, just go to any 7-Eleven and grab that one on the back of the grill that's been rolling since the Carter Administration."

And in the words of this Twitter user: "Thank you for taking the risks in the name of science that I myself were hesitant to make. A true pioneer." So what else have you got in store, 2021?