Hidden Valley Has Good News For Vegans

Hidden Valley has emerged as a leader in the dressing game, while cementing itself as one of the most creative dressing companies when it comes to marketing. According to Today, the brand has whipped up promotions like creating a $35,000 bottle of ranch that came in a bottle studded with jewels in 2018, or selling a whole fridge filled Hidden Valley dressings (via Foodbeast). In stark contrast to these humorous, attention-grabbing promotions, the brand has announced a new product that can bring a smile to anyone's face. 

According to The Takeout, the dressing company has announced that their latest ranch dressing won't contain any animal products, nuts, or gluten, making it 100% vegan-friendly and optimal for anyone with allergies. While we already have gotten amped up about a new way to enjoy ranch, we shouldn't plan to see it for a while — the product won't hit store shelves until April 2021 (via The Takeout).

While no one has gotten a chance to taste this product yet, we can hope for some great things, given the recent trends in dressing built for vegan diets.

There's a new ranch dressing for a healthy new year

Hidden Valley's latest foray into vegan dressing follows that of other leading brands. According to PETA, Kraft, Newman's Own, and Annie's all have vegan options. While we can grab vegan dressing from at least eight leading brands, finding a variant of ranch that doesn't include any animal products proves daunting, as the sauce relies on a combo of buttermilk, mayo, and sour cream (via The Takeout).

Finding a vegan ranch dressing might take some luck, but it's not impossible. According to Oops Vegan, Trader Joe's offers up a vegan ranch dip made with 50% coconut cream, while specialty brands like Daiya or Primal Kitchen occasionally pop up at your local Costco or Kroger. 

When you want to eat healthy and avoid hurting any animals, finding a pre-made vegan ranch can feel impossible, but don't give up! Thanks to the new ranch dressing from Hidden Valley, life just got easier. Whether you want to explore some new flavors or just help the planet, give this new salad topping a try when it releases in April 2021 and get ready to feel good indulging in this thick, creamy dressing soon!