This Keto-Friendly Brownie Mix At Costco Is Turning Heads

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In keeping with other recent additions to the warehouse giant's lineup, Costco is riding the wave of the Keto and Paleo diet trends, and hard. One of its newer items is the epitome of the "I want to diet but still eat junk-food" mentality: Miss Jones Keto & Paleo Fudgy Brownie Mix. Yes, in today's age of gluten- and grain-free everything, it will come as a shock to no one that people cutting carbs and sugar from their diet, either voluntarily or for medical reasons, still eat baked goods and are always on the lookout for newer, better carb imitations.

This Miss Jones brownie mix is made with almond flour instead of wheat flour, cocoa powder, corn-free baking powder, salt, and vanilla flavoring. Then, there are a few ingredients that may not sound as familiar to some shoppers. This mix contains chicory root, which Bakerpedia says can add fiber and thicken up baked goods without fat, as well as erythritol, an artificial sweetener derived from wheat or corn (via Applied Microbiology and Technology). The new brownie mix also features monk fruit extract, which also acts as a sugar-free sweetener.

What are people saying about Costco's keto-friendly brownie mix?

According to an ad post from Instagram account @costcodeals, the mix is only available in select stores in Oregon and Washington and comes in a three-pouch pack for $12.79. Costco fans are excited about the wheat-alternative brownie mix, with comments on the post like "got it in my cart right now lol" and "Yum, I need to try these!" But does the product live up to the hype?

On the nutritional side, there's no added sugar in the mix, and it boasts four grams of protein, plus a little bit of fiber. However, there are still 12 grams of carbs per brownie serving. When you prepare the brownies as the package directs, there are directions for both "recommended" and "paleo" preparations. As prepared, each serving packs a sizable 13 grams of fat, but a relatively modest 150 calories (via Miss Jones). 

Reviewers on Amazon seem to have mostly positive impressions of the mix, with comments like, "I was shocked that these are very incredibly moist! And they are perfectly sweet and chocolatey" while another reviewer stated that "I couldn't believe there's no sugar in this recipe because it tastes like it does and there's no aftertaste." Others weren't as sure. One review titled "good for Keto," said "The flavor is okay" and suggested adding nuts or chocolate chips. You can't have it all with a keto diet, it seems, but it appears that this company has come pretty close.