Some Aldi Shoppers Are Not Impressed With These Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Those who are even mildly interested in health and wellness have probably come across claims that apple cider vinegar can have a whole host of positive benefits. Even if you haven't tried to drink apple cider vinegar yourself, it isn't hard to find reviews and tips from others who have taken a shot of the vinegar only to find how objectionable it tastes. That's why some Aldi shoppers were thrilled to find bottles of apple cider vinegar gummies on the store's shelves, according to Instagram fan account Aldi Made Me Do It. Others, however, know the downside of gummies like these.

The post appeared on Wednesday, January 6th with a caption that read, "I'm so excited to try these!! I've tried drinking apple cider vinegar and it's straight up gross. These were $14.99 with competitors starting at $20.00!! Who drinks apple cider vinegar or eats the gummies?!" Each bottle of Welby Adult Gummy Apple Cider Vinegar contains 120 gummies that are 500 milligrams each. That's the same amount of apple cider vinegar in popular Goli gummies, but with twice as many in each bottle of Welby (via Nutrition 2 Change).

Of course, there were plenty of Aldi shoppers who were excited to try these. One commenter said, "I just bought these! I like them! They definitely smell stronger than they taste which is good!" Another said, "I got the gummies they're so good." More commenters chimed in saying, "Excited to hear how these taste!"

Beware of added sugar in these apple cider vinegar gummies

However, there were those who wrote about their awful experiences drinking apple cider vinegar. One commenter said, "You get use to it. Started with torture, gagging and even running to the bathroom, but now it's simple to shoot down diluted with some water." Another added, "Tried it once. Once." So, it seemed pretty reasonable when more people added comments such as, "I drink ACV...and yes, it can be gross. I'm going to try these gummies." But there is more to consider than the taste of the supplement.

Apple cider vinegar is said to have quite a range of great benefits, such as its purported ability to help consumers lose weight and lower blood sugar (via A Sweet Pea Chef). According to Charlotte Martin, a registered dietitian, apple cider vinegar's "most promising health benefit" is its potential to lower blood sugar (via Shaped by Charlotte). Gummies such as these can have around one gram of sugar per gummy, according to Shaped by Charlotte. Though that is with regard to Goli gummies, Aldi's Welby gummies could have a similar amount of added sugar. Goli also recommends people take up to six gummies per day, which adds up quickly. Ultimately, the added sugar in the gummies can eliminate any positive results for lowering blood sugar. 

So, you might want to skip the gummies and use apple cider vinegar in your cooking (via Healthline). You should get the same benefits but without the struggle of drinking the vinegar.