The Truth About Josh Oakley From Hell's Kitchen Season 19

Hell's Kitchen is back with a bang. This time around, the roster of participants includes promising contenders, including Josh Oakley, a chef from Denver, Colo. (via Gold Derby). The popular show has been a fan favorite for several years for a good reason. What's not to love? There's food, drama, intense competition, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay himself. It's quite the entertainment package, if you think about it.

Back to Oakley. The chef has been in the industry for several years and is no stranger to how grueling it can be. According to his official website, Oakley began his journey as a pantry cook in Arizona and slowly climbed up the ladder, ready to take on new challenges. He said, "It was that classic scene of an 18-year-old in over his head with star-packed chefs — and it was a butt kicking." He eventually earned a role as a sous chef at Town, the first farm-to-table restaurants in Colorado, a place that helped him evolve further as a chef and an artist.

Chef Josh Oakley's a rather accomplished chef

Chef Josh Oakley is someone who has given it all to become a better chef. For example, as his website highlights, he trained at the Gastronomicom Cooking School of Agde, France back in 2015 to study with accomplished chefs. Reflecting on his time, he said, "The experience was more than I could have ever expected. I was humbled by how kind they were, and it's incredible how much I learned."

Oakley is now an executive chef at Avelina and loves his job. He took a break to be a part in the latest edition of Hell's KitchenHe remembered his time on the show in an Instagram post recently and wrote, "Must not forgot rice to water ratio. Wow, this is going to be a trip down memory lane when this airs." The caption was accompanied by a snapshot from the show and Oakley can be seen pouring rice into a measuring cup. We can only imagine what this tidbit means for the competing chef.

But, with his solid background and experience, this one seems like a tough contender for sure!