Costco Fans Are Obsessed With This Chipotle Almond Dip

On occasion, picking up a different product or two like a new or different condiment can help you shake things up in the kitchen when you're feeling less than inspired to cook. Luckily, the newest dip to hit the shelves at Costco is one such product. The latest almond dip, Bitchin' Organic Chipotle Sauce, was spotted at Costco by the fan Instagram account, @CostcoBuys.

The post appeared on Sunday, January 10 and the caption read, "I'm still obsessed with this @bitchinsauce organic chipotle almond dip! This is great as a dip or a sandwich spread, plus it's vegan! ($8.99)." In addition to the price listed in the caption, there was a second photo in the post of the price label on the Costco shelf. From that photo, we could see that the dip containers Costco is currently selling are 24 ounces. According to the manufacturer, the chipotle sauce is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and is flavored with chipotles, lemon juice, garlic, and nutritional yeast, among other ingredients. With nearly 1,600 likes after one day of being posted, it's likely safe to say people are excited about this dip.

This is how Costco fans are reacting to the dip

Once the post was published, fans and followers of both Costco and Bitchin' Organic Chipotle Sauce popped up with plenty of thoughts on the latest development at the big box store. Though 24-ounce containers might be enough for most, it certainly isn't for one commenter. They wrote, "love this stuff but the container got smaller." Another person seemed to be alone with their negative review of the product, "I didn't realize this was vegan until after I purchased it. Tasted like garbage. Lol."

Others pleaded for Costco to release at a location closer to home for them, "Can you make available in PA???? Please!!!" More yet recommended their favorite ways to eat the sauce. One commenter said, "Makes for awesome breakfast tacos." Even other Costco fan accounts chimed in. Costco Guide wrote, "My favorite! I love it on carrots." Costco Wins simply said, "Soooo good!!" Another comment read, "Love this product, but I wish it was available in different flavors." Fortunately for them, the sauce is available in other flavors, according to the sauce's website. Other flavors include pesto, heat, cilantro chili, and more. However, you will need to order it online or find another store that carries these flavors to try them.

Keep your eyes open the next time you visit Costco. You just might want to pick up a container of the original flavor to try.