The Internet Is Losing It Over This Giant Hot Cocoa Bomb

Sometimes bigger isn't always better. That's definitely the case of a giant hot chocolate bomb gone wrong. That doesn't mean we're over the idea of the hot chocolate bomb itself. We still love an ooey-gooey melting marshmallow- and chocolate-filled sphere as much as the next person. It just needs to be in a bit more consumable size. To quote the amazing foodie Gail Simmons, who shared these thoughts on mega-food desserts with 5280 Magazine, "They don't make me very excited to eat them. They're like a little bit, just overkill for the point of the visual. People, I think, have forgotten food's for eating, not just for taking pictures of."

One family quickly went viral on TikTok, spawning the meme "It's a floater" as their giant orb of chocolate-ness experienced some serious melting delays. We have to give credit for the craft, however, as the creation of this monster dessert is pretty impressive. It takes an entire stockpot of warm milk to deploy the chocolate bomb, which is covered in blue and white festive sprinkles.

Don't make your hot chocolate bomb like this

We also bet this creation tastes absolutely delicious, and we really enjoyed part two of the video as this monster creation breaks, unleashing cups' worth of chocolaty powder and marshmallows (via TikTok). If there's a downside, it's just that we don't love poo jokes when it comes to food. Says one commenter on part one of the TikTok, "I have beef with the child that said floater [sic]." TikTok mega-user Garett Watts comments, "We all do." Add some more lame jokes referencing a lost 5th child among the many comments and just like Tiger King you'll "ewww" and "awww" yet find you can't look away.

An absolute internet sensation with 5.8 million views alone, this hot chocolate bomb isn't for everyone. At the same time, hot chocolate bombs are meant to be an experience, and this one definitely was. One happy commenter says, "This one is the most worth it our of all I've seen. It actually took time to dissolved and allowed y'all to enjoy it. Lol [sic]."