Only 12% Of People Consider This Popular Fruit Their Favorite

Are fruits healthy? Yes, they are. Should you make them a regular part of your diet? Absolutely! In fact, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, regularly eating fruits and veggies can do your health some major favors. You are less likely to suffer from heart ailments and are far more likely to shed weight. Additionally, Harvard explains that you could potentially enjoy other health perks, such as being able to combat vision-related issues and maintain a healthy digestive system.

But here's an important question when it comes to fruit preferences, which fruit is the best? While we all have very strong personal opinions about what we'd reach for when we're hankering for a nutritious, sweet treat, we wondered which fruit would rank highest in popularity across the globe. Mashed decided to find out through a worldwide survey that included 46,000 respondents. The question was simple: which fruit is the best, according to you? Some of the answers were rather surprising. Read on to know the options that appealed to folks the most.

Apples aren't as popular as you think

Apples are undeniably tasty, and they pair perfectly with so many different dishes, whether it be a hot bowl of oatmeal or a sweet apple pie. With how many uses apples have, and how common they are, it would make sense for them to be quite a popular fruit. However, turns out that only 12 percent of the respondents were inclined to choose apples over other fruits.

What ended up being the most popular? Watermelons — which won 36 percent of the vote. Following behind in second place were strawberries, with 22 percent of the vote. Third place, which only lost by one percent, were pineapples, which 21 percent of the voters claimed as their favorite fruit. 

Respondents could also chime in with other options, and nine percent of people did just that. Lots of survey takers rooted for fresh mangoes, with one commentator expressing their feelings rather clearly when they wrote, "Perfectly ripe mangoes are heaven sent." However, another respondent showed their support for apples by writing that they love how simple it is to implement the fruit. They commented, "Apples are just so versatile when it comes to baking. Can never get sick of them."