The Truth About Non-Alcoholic Beer

If you are someone who is fond of the taste of beer but don't like sipping on alcohol, what are you supposed to do? Well, it's not something you need to stress over. There are ways out. You could just get yourself a bottle of non-alcoholic beer instead and join the party. Seriously. That way, you're not missing out on the fun and still get a chance to relish a glass of cold beer without any of the side effects associated with alcohol. Beer without hangovers? Sounds like a winner.

But what exactly is non-alcoholic beer? Well, according to Healthline, non-alcoholic beer may have very minuscule amounts (0.5 percent) of alcohol or none at all. Some manufacturers remove the alcohol from their beer by heating it. Others choose to use a filter to remove alcohol from the beer and make it suitable for teetotalers. In some cases, manufacturers try to make it tastier with added sugar. These beers definitely have some positive aspects, but you should also be aware of the negatives.

There are potential health benefits and harms

That said, whether non-alcoholic beer brands appeal to you or not is entirely subjective. For many, the taste isn't entirely pleasant or worth the trouble. Before we get into that, though, it's worth mentioning that these beers may have some benefits. For example, fresh beer can have probiotic properties, and the non-alcoholic (or low-alcohol) variety can also help you hydrate almost to the same degree as a sports drink (via The Conversation).

However, it's not exactly a health drink and is obviously not as beneficial for you as bottled water. As far as the taste is concerned, many beer drinkers aren't convinced or pleased with what they've found. A major caveat? These drinks could tempt a recovering alcoholic to go for the regular stuff, and it's recommended that people in recovery steer clear of them. As one Redditor wrote, "They're not for me. I tried the non-alcoholic beers back when I was in my 'trying' to quit for others but not really trying to quit phase, and I hated them. ... I know if I try it again, it will just give me cravings for the real deal, and there's no way in hell I'm tempting fate in that way."