Read This If You Just Bought Weis Ice Cream

Nothing beats a cool bowl of ice cream to help you relax. For anyone who loves to indulge in a few scoops of Weis Markets' ice cream after a hard day at work, we have some bad news. According to the FDA, Weis Markets has recalled 10,869 containers of the brand's Quality Cookies and Cream ice cream and 502 3-gallon bulk containers of Klein's Vanilla Dairy ice cream. The cause of the recall stems from consumers finding pieces of metal in their ice cream, most likely originating as metal filling equipment parts.

The extent of the recall stretches across a good portion of the Eastern United States. According to Best Life, the contaminated ice cream sold at 197 Weis Markets' stores across Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, with UPC numbers marked as 041497-01253 and an October 28, 2021 sell-by date. Luckily, the only container of contaminated vanilla ice cream went to a single retail establishment in New York and has since been pulled from shelves. If you have purchased one of the contaminated cartons of ice cream, don't fret! Simply return your carton of cookies and cream to the store you bought it from in order to recoup your money, according to Best Life.

Were other ice creams affected?

According to Thrillist, two other kinds of ice cream got manufactured on the same day but never made it out of their respective warehouses to ship. These ice creams included 665 bulk containers of Klein's cookies and cream ice cream and 286 bulk containers of Nelson's Graham Slam ice cream, per the FDA. If you need any assistance in determining if the ice cream in your freezer might qualify for the recall, simply call Weis Markets' customer service line for any help or guidance.

Nothing can spoil an evening like learning that your ice cream received a recall notice. Thankfully, this manufacturing error was caught before anyone got seriously hurt and hopefully, Weis should remedy the situation before we know it. With any luck, we should get a chance to enjoy a new bowl of cookies and cream ice cream before we know it, without any risk of biting into shards of metal! Stay vigilant and make sure to avoid this product for the next few days until stores can safely dispose of all the damaged products. Until then, we might just have to indulge in a few of our other favorite brands and flavors until this whole ordeal blows over.