Nestle's New Morsels & More Line Takes Pandemic Baking To The Next Level

Prepare to bring your new pandemic baking habit to new heights with this new chocolate-chip-py, candy-filled-crunchy-bits mashup from the classic cookie overlords, Nestlé Toll House (via Best Products). Oh, did we say baking? We meant snacking on tiny handfuls of what was supposed to be a baking ingredient as you watch your plans for freshly made brownies melt away, one "taste" after another. Because that's what's going to happen when you encounter Nestlé's new "Morsels & More" line.

The new product, which mixes various chocolate chips, crunchy snacks, and chewy fruits into one, glorious bag of temptation, will be available in February of 2021, according to Best Products. It features mixes like Valentines' themed "Strawberries and Cream," a combo of white chocolate chips, graham crackers bits, and "strawberry flavored chunks," and "Spring Easter Basket," with peanut butter chips, pretzels, and candy eggs (via Candyhunting on Instagram). The new mixes come in eight-ounce bags, which can be easily swapped in for your boring old semi-sweet chips in baking products like cookies, blondies, and more.

Morsels on morsels of sweet-salty pieces

But don't expect these bits to last. You didn't hear it from us, but the bag format makes it all too easy to throw up your hands, ditch the baking ambitions and get straight into bed with one of these for a Netflix sesh. No one's around to see you, anyway — and you know it. @candyhunting's Instagram post on the morsels featured a commenter who concurred. "Bet they will not reach to the dough," wrote alekr92.

So far, the online reception has been good. Commenters on @candyhunting's post wrote things like, "Oooh I love this can't wait to try them!!!" and "They look yummy!" Others used words like "fun" and "need." One Instagram account had an even better use for them than baking or munching out of the bag: @junkfoodmom wrote in a post about the sweet-salty combos, "I'm thinking perfect as a topping for ice cream." Now that's an inspiring, New-Years-resolution-shattering idea.