McDonald's Has Bad News About Its J Balvin Merch

If you, like us, were eagerly waiting to tattoo J Balvin's McDonald's meal on your arm, you're no doubt crying into your bedding. And, if you were waiting on J Balvin's brightly colored McDonald's bedsheets to have something to cry into, then perhaps you're searching for a punching bag (via Complex)? In which case maybe you'll be missing the pair of J Balvin-designed brass golden arch knuckles that you assumed were on the way? Because they're not. All you'll be getting is a beanie, a note, and you're money back. And when you do, we hope you weren't waiting on your J Balvin McDonald's-themed wallet to come. Now, you'll need something to store a little extra spending money.  

Business Insider first reported on the cancellation of McDonald's J Balvin-themed merchandise, after getting their hands on an email sent to customers by Vibras Lab (J Balvin's management service) earlier this month. McDonald's has yet to publicly comment on the reported fiasco. 

Why J Balvin canceled his McDonald's merch collection

J Balvin had set out to collaborate with McDonald's after the success of his meal, per what he told Complex, to "share my energy and creativity in a way that elevates our partnership through an exclusive merch collection that we created with my team." But it seems that product manufacturers could not meet Balvin's standards. Per the email sent to customers, J Balvin's Vibras Lab canceled his McDonald's merch line due to "issues with our supplies" that "did not meet our expectations with the products." Vibras labs further confirmed to Business Insider that "production challenges" led to the products' cancellation.

Which leaves us with the beanie. A beanie might not seem like the proper indemnification to some (for example, those of you who ordered foldable chairs or slippers), but not everybody's disappointed. Says Business Insider's senior politics editor, Taylor Berman, "I was very excited to receive the J Balvin McDonalds watch I ordered but a beanie and note from J Balvin is a nice substitute."