Costco's Porcelain Dinnerware Set Is A Total Steal

Trying to find a nice set of dishware can prove challenging. According to Good Housekeeping, some of the best dishware options of 2021 can set you back from anywhere between $40 to $320, making this necessity feel a bit more like a luxury. While these goods might not seem available to many of us, Costco has come to our rescue again with a dinnerware set that can get anyone excited!

Instagrammer @costcobuys spotted the deal and posted the find, alongside the caption, "This classic white porcelain 12-piece dinnerware set is gorgeous! Such a classic look, plus they're dishwasher and microwave safe! ($19.99)." For a price this good, any shopper looking to switch out their eating ware can have a field day. 

The post has since collected over 2,000 likes, in addition to a wide-range of glowing comments like, "That is a really good deal for everyday dishes," and "What a great deal!" With such an appealing offer, you definitely want to make a trip out to your local Costco soon — with prices this good, who knows how long these plates will stay on shelves.

Costco's new dining set is classy and affordable

This latest set from the brand Everyday joins Costco's ever-growing selection of plates and dinnerware that can make any house feel like a home. According to Costco, you can pick up a wide selection of various plates and bowl sets typically starting at $49.99 and up, making this latest find a real diamond in the rough when it comes to affordability. If you need some new dishware, make sure to jump on this deal while you can. 

If you have been paying attention, Costco loves to swipe away our favorite deals right as we've started to get used to them. If you can't live without these plates, make sure to grab a set while you can, because when they disappear, we might never see a deal this good again for a while. Stay vigilant for the best-value goods from this big box giant and you won't be disappointed!