What The Pioneer Woman's Daughters Will Never Agree On

The Pioneer Woman has truly welcomed her fans into her life, even introducing them to her big, happy family. According to her blog, the Pioneer Woman has happily introduced her kids into her work, as they have helped her film episodes of her show during the pandemic. The family has been coming up with entertaining content together and Ree Drummond could not be happier. She even wrote about it on her blog and mentioned how real the episodes with her kids are. 

She said, "I hope you are still enjoying the shows the kids and I are shooting. They may be a little silly at times, but they very accurately depict what things are like in our kitchen, our lives, our daily routine."

That said, Drummond's two daughters, Alex and Paige, do have a few things that they do not quite feel the same way about. It's incredibly cute, though. Here's what you need to know about the sisters.

The Pioneer Woman's daughters are super competitive

As highlighted by the Pioneer Woman's blog, when her two daughters were asked about who excels in the kitchen, they both seemed convinced that they could beat each other. Alex said, "Paige is better at baking, but I would like to think that I'm better at cooking. I like to make healthy recipes." 

Meanwhile, her sibling had a completely different response. Paige believes that Alex is focusing way too hard on healthy recipes and shedding the pounds — something that she does not need to do, according to her sister. Paige said, "I just kind of cook whatever I'm craving. Cause I'm not 6'1" for no reason. I use the height to my advantage." But, when everything is said and done, both the sisters love being in the kitchen and experimenting equally.

And, of course, they also think that their mom is the best cook of them all. Hard to argue with that one, huh?