Everything You Need To Know About Smash Cakes

If you are a new parent with a first birthday on the horizon, then you've most likely given some thought to or are hoping to learn more about smash cakes for the big day. For those who are not familiar with this concept, it's essentially an individual baby-sized birthday cake that's just for the birthday boy or girl to eat, enjoy, and destroy as they see fit (via Pure Wow).

Besides, it's incredibly cute to watch 1-year-olds discover the joy of sugar for themselves. That's the fun of it for the adults in the room. It seems no two babies have the same reaction to the yummy dessert they are learning about. Some become wide-eyed while others quickly use their second hand to eat more cake as fast as they can manage. Others let a fist fall into the cake, sending it flying where others simply go for it with their whole head, mouth-first. But there's more to know about smash cakes other than the tyke-size they come in.

The scoop on smash cakes

The considerations you might not even suspect to think of come down to the details, naturally. Before you can set out to bake or order a smash cake, it's best to have your party theme (via How Stuff Works). This way, the cake can complement the rest of the party. However, this is more for the adults and your photos more than anything. Though you can browse through tons of cake designs on Instagram, according to What To Expect, some components of the cake might need a second thought.

For example, How Stuff Works suggests using white icing because vivid icing is highly pigmented with food dye. It could leave you with a stained baby (and clothes and furniture, too) after the party's over. Another consideration according to Pure Wow is icing instead of fondant. Though fondant looks cleaner, icing is easier for a baby to handle and eat. 

While a single slice of cake or even a cupcake will work for the celebrated girl or boy, you can always have two desserts so the adults can have a cake that hasn't been squished or drooled on. Some bakeries might even have a deal or include a free smash cake when you order a first birthday cake, according to How Stuff Works.

Tips you didn't know you needed

Once you have the details of the cakes that both the guest of honor and the more mature guests can enjoy, it's time to think through your cleanup game plan. By this point in your child's life, you've probably found that whatever is served to them on a plate will not likely stay there for long. Nor will it always make it into their mouths. This goes for the smash cake, too.

That's why Pure Wow suggests using a disposable tablecloth under the highchair or for them to sit on. This way, the tablecloth can still match your color scheme or the theme of the party for all of the photos you're sure to take while also being functional. You'll also want to have a towel, wipes, or paper towels close at hand, too. Don't let the moment pass you by because you are so worried about cleaning the mess up.

So, however you choose to celebrate your child's first birthday, just know that they will love it. You, too, will undoubtedly have a ball watching them as well. Just make sure to have a couple of cameras poised to capture both photos and video of the event.