What Hell's Kitchen Winner Ariel Malone Is Doing Now

Popular cooking show, Hell's Kitchen has given rise to many culinary stars including the winner of season 15, Ariel Malone. The chef once told Delish that the process is much trickier than it seems. For example, to even be a part of the show, Malone was required to spend a few months appearing for interviews before she was selected to be a contestant on the show. Giving a tiny glimpse into the selection process, Malone said, "Their questions helped determine whether you're a fast learner, how well you adjust to changes in life, how you respond to difficult situations." 

That does make sense because the show is not for the faint-hearted and can get immensely competitive. Well, the resilient Malone was able to impress the judges and viewers with her culinary chops and took home the top prize in 2016. According to Gold Derby, she was just 26 years old at the time. Here's what Malone has been doing since then.

What Hell's Kitchen winner Ariel Malone has been up to

After her time on Hell's Kitchen, Malone has kept herself fairly occupied. The Gold Derby reported that she worked at BLT Steak, which is a part of Bally's Casino in Las Vegas. She decided to leave that gig in 2017. As per Eater, she got the opportunity to work at the restaurant after winning Hell's Kitchen. The sweet gig came with a hefty pay package: 250,000 every year.

According to her Instagram, Malone works as a private chef these days and often posts photos of her dishes on social media. She's also a mom to triplets and is busy being a good parent to her toddlers, sharing her thoughts on parenthood with her followers including the fact that it's an unpredictable rollercoaster ride. For example, she recently wrote about being mindful around her children and teaching them the importance of using their words wisely and with kindness. Malone's fans are loving the chef's journey and have shown overwhelming support so far. Wonder what's next for this chef?