Trader Joe's Just Made Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Even Easier

Drinking apple cider vinegar has multiple health benefits. It is made from fermented apples and yeast and is full of healthy bacteria, probiotics, and enzymes that can improve health, according to Healthline. The drink can also aid in weight loss and has been shown to help lower blood sugar and may also help manage diabetes by improving the body's insulin sensitivity. It can even help improve common skin problems, including acne and eczema. However, there is one detriment to apple cider vinegar: the taste. Many people find it sour, acidic, and unpleasant to drink, even when diluted.

But thanks to Trader Joe's, you can still enjoy all the health benefits of apple cider vinegar without sacrificing your taste buds or your wallet. The popular grocery chain has just released a new organic sparkling apple cider vinegar beverage, which delivers all the advantages of the vinegar with none of the bitter taste.

Trader Joe's shoppers love the flavor

The sparkling drink comes in two refreshing flavors, Lemon Strawberry and Ginger Lemon. According to social media, both beverages were a hit. Many Trader Joe's fans sang the drink's praises on Instagram, like @esmalley07, who wrote: "I tried this recently and honestly liked it, will be buying it again." Another, @mollz3123, raved:" Tried lemon strawberry yesterday and LOVE it!! Ginger lemon today. I'll let you know!" User @c0mewhatmay6275 was also a big fan of the Lemon Strawberry, replying: "I got this today as well. I got the strawberry lemon one & I love it!!!" And user @arnold_kt was quick to assure followers the other flavor is just as good, posting: "Tried the ginger lemon one today, it was delicious!"

Each can contains only 35 calories and is available at Trader Joe's for just $1.69. However, shoppers should note that there is a good deal more sugar than plain apple cider vinegar, with eight grams of sugar per can. While that certainly improves the flavor, people trying to limit their sugar intake should keep the content in mind.