The Discontinued Whopper Burger King Needs To Bring Back

Burger King is one of the fast-food industry's absolute biggest boys, and the monarchy of the flame grill has plenty of menu items to show for it. Not that they'll ever show them all at the same time, though. Like any decent fast food joint, Burger King likes to keep its menu streamlined, though it does offer plenty of cool burger hacks for those in the know. While classics like the standard Whopper endure from season to season, other menu items come and go. Some of them are simply limited-time offers. Others turn out to be huge flops, while some Burger King items that you should probably never order keep surviving on the menu. 

And then there are the real tragedies. These are the actually super-delicious burgers and sides that nevertheless disappear from the menu, leaving fast-food fans writhing in the agony of possibly never getting to consume them again. Let's take a look at one of these sad stories and try to find out if it could possibly turn happy again. This is the delicious, discontinued Whopper, that Burger King needs to bring back.

Angry Whopper would spice up any Burger King fan's life

There are many discontinued restaurant burgers that need to make a comeback, and for Burger King, the cream of that particular crop is arguably the Angry Whopper. Per Thrillist, this spicy spin on the chain's signature burger was briefly available in select restaurants in 2019, and was basically your normal Whopper with bacon and cheese, only with added crispy onions, jalapeños and spicy Angry Sauce. In other words, it's basically a slightly toned-down version of the even more extreme Angriest Whopper, which ingrained hot sauce in its actual bun.  

Fortunately, what is gone may one day rise again. Angry Whopper is something of a seasonal or regional item and it still pops up in all sorts of places. You can get a variation of the theme in Mexico's Burger King restaurants — with manchego cheese, no less — and as Rappler tells us, this spicy fast food delicacy also landed in the Philippines in October 2020. Knowing this and the fact that the Angry Whopper has graced America's Burger Kings with its presence in the past, fans of this picante version of the most famous flame-grilled burger out there, can always hope that it will return at some point.