Walmart Statistics You Need To See To Believe

There are a couple of things you might already know about Walmart, such as the fierce competition it represents or how well-known it is globally thanks to its low prices (via Capital Counselor). While you might think you have a good grasp on how big the retail giant actually is, it turns out you really can't imagine just how mammoth Walmart is until you put it in hard numbers. Needless to say, Walmart's statistics reveal just how large the company from Bentonville, Arkansas actually is (via Market).

According to Capital Counselor, Walmart earned nearly twice its 2005 annual revenue by 2020 with a total of $523.964 billion being the estimated total revenue. That's even more than Walmart's net worth in 2019, which was a whopping $514.405 billion. To top it all off, more than 50 percent of the sales at Walmart in 2020 were food and groceries, making it a surprisingly high-performing sector for the company.

Another way to look at Walmart's vast resources is to consider its cash flow. According to Market, the company uses $27,800 million for operating cash flow and $10,344 million for capital expenditures. Additionally, $13,500 million's worth has been given back to investors through various channels.

These are Walmart's day-to-day numbers

If you are not exactly money-minded or the company's high cash flow is more than your brain can wrap around, you can get a sense of just how big Walmart is through its daily numbers. For example, Walmart locations everywhere welcome around 270 million shoppers every week and about 37 million people every single day.

Those customers are not just in stores across the United States either. Walmart shoppers can visit about 11,484 stores in more than 25 countries, per Capital Counselor. But, of all of those stores, roughy half of them, 4,756 stores, are dotted across the United States. To top it all off, Walmart employs around 2.2 million people. In fact, Walmart is the largest employer in the United States (via Chicago Sun-Times). 

It's pretty clear that Walmart is rightfully one of the most wide-reaching retailers around. From its total expenditure to the sheer number of people who are touched by the company on a daily or weekly basis, it's an incredibly large company.