Aldi's Adorable Pasta Is Perfect For Valentine's Day

It's a new week at Aldi, which means that next week's "Aldi Finds" are out and ready to be found on the store shelves. While there are always tons of treats and special items to choose from, the store is currently gearing up for Valentine's Day with themed products. This time, the product customers can't wait to get their hands on are boxes of adorable heart-shaped pasta noodles (via Aldi). Each bag of Reggano Valentine's Day Pasta has white and pink pasta hearts with smaller hearts inside. Best of all, they cost just $1.99 for a 16-ounce bag. That's a major steal that will win over hearts everywhere for sure. 

Aldi fan account @aldi.mademedoit on Instagram, was among the first to spot these bags of pasta. The account snapped a photo and posted it to their page with the caption, "pasta la vista baby!! I will be taking them all home with me!! No sharing!! Jk kinda My kids love these fun shaped pasta! Who else loves grabbing all the fun pasta?!" Naturally, everyone who saw the post said they couldn't wait to try the heart-shaped noodles.

Customers are excited for Aldi's heart-shaped pasta

Within a single day of the post, the image has already received more than 1,100 likes on Instagram. Fans can't get enough of the heart-shaped pasta. They were also quick to answer with their thoughts on the latest product in the comments. One read, "these are so fun!" Another said, "love the seasonal shapes!" Another person admitted that they still had Christmas-shaped pasta in their pantry.

Another said, "definitely getting this pasta, I love using shaped noodles to be festive." A different user added, "this was the only thing my store didn't have this week from our ad (and the main thing I wanted yesterday! I'm hoping later in the week!" So, if you haven't spotted these must-have pasta bags yet, keep your eyes peeled. They'll be stocked soon enough and well before the holiday actually rolls around. In the meantime, you should start plotting what delicious pasta sauce you're going to mix them with for the perfect Valentine's Day dinner.