The Biggest Issue Costco Fans Have With These Popular Toaster Oven Accessories

Toaster ovens are a great way to quickly reheat leftovers or easily pull together a satisfying meal in the fraction of the time it takes to prepare a dish in a conventional oven. They are favored by everyone from college students to busy working moms, but it can sometimes be difficult to find quality pans to go with the appliance at a reasonable price. That is why Costco fans were excited to find the discount warehouse was selling a four-piece set of Circulon toaster oven accessories, including a 7-inch personal pizza pan, a 9 x 7-inch oven tray, and a 9 x 7-inch roasting tray with an accompanying rack (via Instagram).

However, while some people were pleased with the quality and durability of the goods, quite a few customers had complaints about the bakeware. For starters, many people were upset to find that the price listed online was over $10 higher than the going price in many brick-and-mortar warehouses.

Customers paid more for the bakeware set online

While Costco is famous for its really low prices, the definition of "low" might change depending on where you buy the bakeware. The set was listed on the Costco website with a price of $27.99, while some in-store locations have sold it for as low as $16.99. When the popular Instagram account @costcodeals made a post alerting their followers the bakeware was on sale for $16.99 in the Aloha, Oregon warehouse, many Costco shoppers were dismayed to find they had paid more for the exact same product online. Follower @islandbreeze_76 remarked: "What the?! I paid $27.99 on the website!"

Other unhappy customers felt the accessories were simply not worth it at any price tag. Many shoppers were dissatisfied with the awkward size of the pans, complaining that the handles were too long, while the size of the pan itself was too small. "Nice pans but when they said 10" long, I expected 10" total. With the handles, the rectangular pans are 12" which makes them too wide for my toaster oven...I use the small round one in it but have to use the other ones for smaller dishes in the oven," one shopper wrote in a product review.

Many customers complained about the irregular size of the pans

Other customers had experienced similar problems. In Costco's product review section, Loblolly8 complained, "I have a standard sized Breville toaster oven. 11 inch pans usually fit just fine—unless they have long handles! Toaster oven pans don't need side handles, considering there's no room on the sides of the oven to use them...with a normal sized toaster oven, these are too wide with the useless handles, and with an oversized toaster oven, you may as well buy bigger pans that would actually maximize the surface area for cooking." Another dissatisfied customer even noted he had returned his set, writing, "Returned. All pans too small, especially the pizza pan which could only hold a very small personal pizza."

While other shoppers were pleased with the non-stick features and heavy-duty quality of the pans, these particular measurements disappointed a lot of customers. Buyers should beware that the sizes are not compatible with every oven, and it would be wise to shop around to be sure they are paying the best price.