The Rock's Late Night Cheat Meal Is Turning Heads

We're all entitled to our fair share of cheat meals, especially after working really hard. Actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is no exception to this rule. He has been quite open about his love for cheat meals in the past, with the Food Network even giving Johnson's fans a glimpse into several cheat meals that the legend has spoken about in the past.

Here's one wild example: after an intense fitness phase that lasted 172 days, The Rock rewarded himself with an epic cheat meal that included — brace yourself — 12 pancakes, four pizzas, 21 brownies, and milk. Curious to hear more? Well, he once ate two massive turkey sandwiches and polished off a batch of peanut butter brownies, too. This star takes his treats very seriously, doesn't he?

More recently, he posted pictures of his go-to cheat meal on Instagram, proving that his dedication to indulging in a good plate of food remains intact.

The Rock's latest cheat meal is a mix of sweet and savory

Johnson shared the meal on his feed, which included a large plate of fresh sushi, showing he went all out on flavor. This was paired with soy sauce, of course, and the quintessential add-on: wasabi. To top it all off, he added two giant chocolate chip cookies to his meal as an extra treat and wrote, "Late night soosh train...cheat meal in full effect. Accompanied by soy sauce and hunks of woooooosabi and two big ass chocolate chip cookies."

He advised his fans to not cut themselves off from delicious food items and treat themselves every once in awhile. His followers loved the nuggets from wisdom from the actor, with one commentator saying they too loved sushi, and a few others laughing about the size of his dessert. One joked, "I like that you are limiting it to only two cookies...the size of freaking dinner plates." Johnson's message is clear: treat yourself well, friends.