What Great British Bake Off Winner John Whaite Is Up To Now

John Whaite, the talented chef from The Great British Bake Off's third season, is an honest man who's not afraid to share hard-hitting anecdotes from his life. As he told The Telegraph in an interview, he was a law student before he was invited to be a part of the show. Because preparations for the show begin long before it's actually aired, Whaite didn't know what to expect after he won. 

While waiting for the episodes to be made available to the world, he accepted a job at a bank, despite not being interested in the industry. He was simply looking for a way to get by. Luckily, after the show was aired, he received more offers than he could count. He quit his job at the bank and reviewed his opportunities, and began focusing on writing books and several other projects.

Unfortunately, his fame was short-lived as the show's seasons kept progressing and more winners emerged in the next few years. Whaite was also dealing with a heavy bout of depression as he struggled to make sense of the future that suddenly seemed uncertain.

John Whaite changed his approach to life and his career

While the offers seemed rather generous at first, Whaite didn't realize that they wouldn't be around for long. He revealed how difficult that phase was for him. He told the Telegraph, "I became lonely and sad. I drank more than I should have...Some days I'd wish I had never been on the show, because in reality, it totally derailed me from a steady lifepath."

Fortunately, Whaite had done a few things right before he experienced such a massive roadblock. He invested in a home, saved a lot of money, and also received culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu. After his depression subsided, he shifted gears and focused on cooking and writing instead of fretting over fame. He opened his cookery school, worked with a supportive editor on his books, and also renovated a family farm. He drastically changed his priorities but wished that someone had warned him about the dark side of being on a competitive show and life thereafter. 

These days, Whaite is in a much better place. He's actively running his cooking school, working on recipes for the show Steph's Packed Lunch, and engaging with his fans on social media, posting relatable updates about life, fitness, food, and everything in between.