These New Cookies At Trader Joe's Are Just Like Tim Tams

If you're someone with a sweet tooth, you probably can't help but get carried away with all the dessert options that present themselves at grocery stores. This is especially true upon walking into Trader Joe's and browsing its collection. As per Cheapism, plenty of sweet treats are worth paying attention to when you're shopping at the beloved retailer. For example, the brand has many scrumptious ready-to-eat dessert options that are perfect for a quick fix, such as brownies, pancake bread, chocolate lava cakes, and New-York style cheesecake among other options.

Luckily, the breadth of sweet surprises at Trader Joe's is always growing, and now you'll be able to find a brand new kind of cookie. The newbie joining the Trader Joe's ranks doesn't leave any room for disappointment, partly because of how similar they are to a fan-favorite Australian dessert. Read on to know everything about these bite-sized treats and why they're getting noticed.

Trader Joe's new sandwich cookies are very similar to an Australian cult classic

According to Instagram user @traderjoesobsessed, the brand has released its newest box of cookies that are basically the American equivalent of Tim Tams — meaning they're equally as perfect for dunking in milk. If you're unfamiliar, Tim Tams are one of the most well-known sweets from down under and are comprised of sandwich cookies covered in chocolate (via Spoon University). And let's be real: Who doesn't like chocolate in some shape or form?

Well, for chocolate, Tim Tam, and dessert lovers especially, Trader Joe's Aussie-style Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies are a dream come true, according to early reviews. One person commented on the @traderjoesobsessed Instagram post that they're fairly pleased with the overall taste. They wrote, "Fellow Aussie here! I have to admit...they did a pretty good job, a lot thinner than a regular Tim Tam — but definitely the closest thing I've found."

Curious enough to find out for yourself? Grab a pack to munch on the next time you stop by Trader Joe's.