Costco's Avocado Ranch Salad Kits Have People Divided

Costco has stocked a new ready-to-prep salad on its shelves and people have mixed feelings about it. The new avocado ranch chopped salad by Taylor Farms is made with a mixture of romaine lettuce, kale, green and red cabbage, and carrots and includes toppings such as crunchy corn, corn flax chips, smoked white cheddar, and avocado ranch dressing. Costco Instagram fan account, @Costcodeals, snapped a photo of the new salad in their local store and posted it to the platform on Wednesday, January 27. The caption read, "This @yourtaylorfarms #organic #avocado #ranch #choppedsalad kit is so good and on sale! $2 off now only $4.99! #deal ends 1/31!"

Within a day, the photo of the avocado ranch salad had more than 4,100 likes, but people's reactions were definitely split. For those in favor of the salad, the 22.6-ounce kit is a complete steal at $4.99. But to those who think the chopped salad is a big fail, that's quite a lot of salad mix going to waste.

Here's what people said about Costco's avocado ranch salad

Overall, it seemed most Costco shoppers who are fans and followers of the Instagram account were in favor of the chopped salad. After all, it's hard to go too wrong when you have both avocado- and ranch-flavored dressing slathered all over your veggies. One commenter said, "delicious," while another wrote, "I love this one!" Someone else added, "mmmm this sounds bomb." Another user explained that they, "added chicken skewers and tomatoes" which turned into a "delicious dinner." But there were plenty who were skeptical.

One commenter said, "This is good but the dressing does overpower after a few bites." Other users weren't a fan of the kit's avocado puree: "The guacamole is disgusting, tastes so fake and bitter." Mushy or less-than-fresh avocados can be a common salad complaint. As Healthline explains, an off taste could be a sign that an avocado should be tossed out.

Costco's salad mix came with other warnings. One user said, "great mix you just have to eat [it] fast." Though that seems to be an unusual comment that certainly raises questions in and of itself, it's likely the Instagram user is warning others of potential soggy salad, something Bon Appetit calls "a sad sight." So, the next time you're at Costco, give the salad some thought and decide if it's worth taking a chance on a mix with avocado and a heavier dressing.